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A dream, a caravan....

One of my most precious childhood memories






Cross-legged in front of a caravan, placed there in a garden, arriving from nowhere a Brazilian shows up, in Tunis, and starts telling to the 4-year-old girl that I was, stories from Rio de  Janeiro...Mexico City, Egypt...the wide world. With his puppets and his caravan, it was my first ever encounter with the other and his winner world.


Since then, I haven't stopped traveling the world in search of musical treasures.  Sounds have no identity and move freely with the sand and the wind. It is men who give them passports and make them tell stories.  "Mayssa's Caravan" finds and tells them, making them finally known to the world.

Mayssa Issa

Mayssa spent much of her childhood traveling with her family which formed the most important principle in her life- always discovering new cultures through music. 


She is a journalist with extensive experience who worked for 22 years with media such as France Media Monde, RFI, Fr24. 


She was behind the production and presentation of the daily program “Music Hour” in which artists from all over the world presented live sessions in the Monte Carlo Doualiya studio.

A freelance journalist, producer, and storyteller, she has developed her bold new multimedia project, “Mayssa's Caravan”. This nomadic studio takes her on adventures all over the Mediterranean basin where she discovers new artists and records live sessions as well as podcasts with them. 

She strives to stimulate social and educational activities on a local level by working with children and offering them the possibility to explore this infinite world. 


After the creation of her label and production company “CROSSOVER PROD” she published a compilation of music. She organized the first edition of the "Citybeats music Festival" in Paris in 2018.


Her vast experience in the field of music has led her to participate in the programming of many music festivals.

As a passionate and eloquent speaker, she regularly takes part in debates and leads international conferences in meetings such as Visa for Music, Oslo World Festival, Radio World Tour...

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